We Offer a Variety of Services

Programs and Services

GBSCDA attempts to provide programs to help patients feel confident about themselves and their future and to help family members lessen the impact of this chronic disease. These programs and services are all supported by your generous donations and our annual fundraiser events.

Community Based Education and Awareness Program

GBSCDA participate in various community events to educate and increase understanding among patients, families’ providers, schools, and the wider community about sickle cell disease. We conduct educational workshops, seminars and counseling to raise the awareness about sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait. Each educational activity is designed to make people aware of sickle cell anemia and sickle cell trait, to motivate them to be tested, and to build support for servicing programs.latin-fam-000001

Public School Administrators and Educators Training Programs

This service trains school administrators and their staff on the importance of sickle cell awareness and gives them creative tactics that can be used to educate their students and others. Information is also given in these sessions on how to cope with a student or family living with sickle cell disease and the importance of screening.

Ambassador Program

This program provides individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease the opportunity to raise awareness about sickle cell disease to organize groups interested in knowing more about sickle cell disease. The spokespersons will have the opportunity to give hope and encourage others.

Support Group Meetings

We believe that support is essential to the health and well-being of anyone living with sickle cell disease. GBSCDA hosts support group meetings once a month for sickle cell patients and their loved ones to come together to share their experiences and receive information on a topic of their choice. The objective of the program is to provide a place where everyone is able to voice their concerns and become empowered to face the challenges of living with sickle cell disease. Many patients and family members gain a sense of hope and encouragement through this sharing opportunity.

The program also offers educational material and wellness resources to help those adults with sickle cell manage their disease, to achieve the highest quality of life.

black-fam-000001Living Well with Sickle Cell Disease

GBSCDA Wellness Program offers a holistic approach to pain management and stress relieve by providing a variety of healing regimens in recognition of body, mind and spirit. This program includes yoga, massage therapy and acupuncture. These alternative approach help strengthen and tone your muscles, reduce stress, increase circulation, improve flexibility, and promote relaxation — something that is much-needed to avoid triggering a crisis.

Peer to Peer Network

GBSCDA Peer to Peer Volunteer Network Program is a peer-mentoring program that is designed to provide support and guidance to parents and individuals impacted by Sickle Cell Disease. The Network consists of parents or individuals with SCD, who provides education and support to individuals and families living with SCD. Mentors offer support, education, information about Sickle Cell Disease and available resources. Most importantly, a mentor offers the perspective of somebody who has shared similar experiences.


GBSCDA is focused on the spiritual health as well as your physical health. Our on call chaplains provide emotional and spiritual support for your spiritual needs and offer a caring ministry that is supportive and encouraging.

  • Conversation and prayers before surgery
  • Bedside visits during a hospital stay
  • Confidential listening
  • Prayers of hope, healing, comfort, peace, strength, grace, love, and wholeness
  • Bereavement – The death of one of a family member is never something we can accept. GBSCDA offers short-term counseling for bereaved children, adolescents and their parents, and sibling

Scholarship Award Program

The purpose of the scholarship program is to reward academic achievement of individuals with sickle cell disease and to support their educational aspirations beyond high school by attending a colleges, universities or vocational/trade schools of their choice.

The number of scholarships given in any year will depend on the amount in the scholarship fund and the number of quality applicants. Each applicant chosen will receive a one-time award of $500 per calendar year. The award is granted annually. Click here to read more on this program and download the Scholarship application.

Who qualifies: High school seniors or current college student living with Sickle Cell Disease who have been accepted to or are currently attending a college of their choice.